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Sacred Wisdom

In this series, we explore the wisdom and sacred knowledge shared by higher teachers. Following a brief class, we meditate and contemplate the messages.

During this era of collective consciousness shift, we are reviving the sacred wisdom buried in our soul's memories, in our DNAs and reconnecting with our cosmic knowledge. What we awaken inside is seamlessly becoming part of our everyday lives.

With these classes, we aim to guide you in establishing your connection with wisdom, finding how to awaken your inner wisdom, and incorporating the insights into your everyday experiences.
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Each class includes a meditative inquiry session, creating a space for your contemplation and self-inquiry. In our meditative sessions, we connect with the Sophia's Mastery field to feel the loving and empowering energies and nurture our multidimensional nature.

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Awaken Your Multidimensionality

  • Trainer: Nusra Sahin
  • Level: Foundation
  • Study time: 6+ hours
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In this workshop, you will learn the sacred teachings that were transmitted to our School by higher teachers and awaken this essence within you with activations and transmissions.

With practices and a guidebook, you will learn how you can continue to practice activating yourself as a portal, a channel, a pillar of light to bring blessings of love to your life and to Mother Earth.
Course overview
Classes, activations and transmissions to activate your multidimensional human potential and develop your soul abilities.

As this aspect awakens, it feels like a pillar rising or coming online within you—a gentle reinstallation that transforms your inner guidance system. This activation touches your DNAs, light bodies, and connects you with your higher selves.
The most noticeable part? You'll sense a new vibrational field within, a shift in your state of consciousness. In this state, you become a multidimensional being, unrestricted by time and space.

Sacred Wisdom Series

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