Awaken Your Multidimensionality

Through these classes, we aim to guide you in establishing your connection with wisdom, finding how to awaken your inner wisdom, and incorporating the insights into your everyday experiences.

In this workshop, we will learn how our multidimensionality is linked to our evolution and the New Earth consciousness and paradigm we are expanding on our planet.

We will deliver a transmission as passed down by one of the way showers of the Multidimensional Way system, Kuan Yin, known as Compassion Buddha, Goddess of Mercy.

Awakening this nature can help you connect with your higher selves, guides, and light teams and live your life in tune with your true essence.

This transmission unlocks the wisdom within you, facilitating the integration of your spiritual and earthly dimensions. It brings coherence to your awareness, giving you the tools to unfold your soul's story and inherent wisdom across time, space, and dimensions.
Additionally, the workshop opens up opportunities for you to delve into your soul's origins, wisdom, and purpose.

Early Bird Pricing ends on the 22nd January 2024.

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Join us for this live online workshop; replays will be available if you can't make it.

Live Group Sessions

6+ hours + 1 Bonus Class in high frequency and vibrational field of the School.

Guide Book

A guide book with insights, and exercises derived from the studies of "the multidimensional way."

Activations & Transmissions

Unearth the hidden treasures of your inner wisdom and soul abilities.

Special Bonus Class

MD Communication: Open, clear and strengthen your communication ability align with your  purpose.
What will you gain from this workshop?

During our time together in this workshop, with insights and activations, we help you awaken your multidimensional nature. The feedback from the previous participants highlights that it feels like a pillar rising or coming online within your being. It might feel like a gentle reinstallation that transforms your inner guidance system.

The activation touches your DNAs, light bodies, and connects you with your higher selves and lifts the invisible barriers within your mind and heart's awareness.

The most noticeable part? You'll sense a new vibrational field within, a shift in your consciousness. In this state, you become a multidimensional being, unrestricted by time and space.

With practices and a guidebook, you will learn how to continue activating yourself as a portal, channel, and pillar of light to bring blessings of love and guidance to your life and Mother Earth.

You will feel deeply grounded in your Earthly self and equally connected to your spiritual aspects, stepping into the wonders of multidimensional living.

Feedback from Previous Course Participants

I’m feeling very grounded on Earth. I finally feel very connected to Earth that can live here and express himself. At the same time I’m very connected to the ‘spiritual world’. You helped me align so much that I just wish to ‘keep’ it that way with regular practices.
Oren Laufer, Course Participant
I just wanted to thank you for our meditation.
I could feel the deep meditation and actually see myself anchoring to Mother Earth in a big shaft of light. The area I live was being anchored in light as I was surrounded with column of light. So grateful to you for your blessings and light that you are spreading and sharing with the whole world.
Ratna Bawa , Course Participant
I've been having a lot of fluttering sensations in between my heart and throat, following the higher heart activation during the transmission. I've been able to ground easier as well. And I also felt the need to go to the park and share everything I received with the trees. It was a wonderful class and transmission.
Derek Bain, Course Participant

The awakening of your multidimensionality transforms your perspective on the journey. It's no longer a linear ascension but a voyage across time, space, and dimensions. This awakening takes you beyond the confines of the conditioned self, allowing you to recognise and experience your divinity.

What happens when you awaken your multidimensionality?

Awakening your multidimensionality lets you navigate life beyond the ordinary mind's limits. Your mind, now operating from a higher perspective, opens doors to endless possibilities, allowing your gifts and talents to shine in service to others.

A multidimensional mind open ups to higher-dimensional wisdom and cosmic intelligence, while keeping you grounded in earthly human life.

At School of Multidimensional Consciousness, we carefully present multidimensionality activations and transmissions with the associated teachings and practical information as transmitted to us.

These teachings are passed down from higher teachers, guiding the studies that are now modernised for the world today under the umbrella of "Multidimensional Way" / "Multidimensional Consciousness Studies".

We conduct these trainings periodically, building upon this foundation in subsequent workshops at different levels. This workshop is a starting point to receive the initial activation and learn how to utilise the MD consciousness system.
Take advantage of this live workshop!
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Benefits of Activating your Multidimensionality

Here is what becomes possible when you awaken your multidimensionality.
You'll sense a new vibrational field within, a shift in your state of consciousness. 
Reclaiming your inner wisdom from your ancestral and soul lineage unfolds at every step.
With your multidimensional awakening, the natural communicator and creator within you come alive. That's authenticity unfolding.
Dealing with past life blockages and self-healing becomes simpler in multidimensional awareness.
Your soul abilities start manifesting and improving, and your intuitive knowing develops.
You discover your role in the Shift and find direction to share your gifts with the world.

Learn from the comfort of your home with our online training.

  • High frequency and vibrational field
  • Email Support and Facebook Community
  • Sacred gifts and journeys 
  • Replays available to watch later if you miss the session
  • Online and live training with Q&As
  • Group sessions
Join from your phone, laptop, computer.
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In the Improvers workshop we implement multidimensional journeys crafted for you to uncover your inner wisdom and ground in your inner schooling. We share the wisdom and insights to help you understand how you can benefit from these journeys for realising your true potential and create a life that aligns with your true essence.

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Gabrielle Mason,
Sound Healing and Reiki Master

I have had the wonderful opportunity to join Nusra's multidimensional meditations. Not only was I able to connect with and innerstand my multidimensionality in deeper ways, but my extra sensory/intuitive abilities expanded, and I was able to connect with my innermost being more easily. This led to a natural process of stepping into deeper alignment with my purpose and calling.

This awareness continues to be a guiding light that brings me closer to the Divine within and was experienced deeply within Nusra’s work/sessions. Through opportunities/work like this, I do believe we can experience collective healing, deepened connections to each other, and most importantly, awareness of our unique divine roles/expressions on the Earth plane.

Step into the wonders of your multidimensional living!

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