Multidimensional Journey


Unlocking your multidimensional potential is like spreading energetic wings. In this workshop, we build on the foundations set in our Awaken Your Multidimensionality guiding you through transformative journeys.

These journeys are crafted to liberate you from limiting beliefs, allowing the infusion of higher light and guidance to reveal your gifts and help you direct your life towards your authentic path.

Immersed in the elevated frequency of the School, you traverse diverse states of consciousness, acquiring skills to navigate your personal explorations.

Through activations and energy channeling, you effortlessly tap into your latent inner wisdom, enriching your experience across time, space and dimensions.
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Early Bird discount for this course is valid until the 8th of February 2024.

Live Group Sessions

3x90-mins Sessions + 1 Bonus Class in high frequency and vibrational field of the School.

Sacred Journeys

Multidimensional Journeys for connecting with your soul lineage and uncovering your inner wisdom and gifts.

Activations & Transmissions

Activations and transmissions with higher teachers and guides. 

1:1 Sacred Journey

In this 1:1 session, you will apply what you've learned, with a facilitator observing and providing guidance and assistance.

What you gain from MD Journey workshop?

After awakening our multidimensionality, a natural impulse arises—an inner liberation motivating us to explore the possibilities that have unfolded. Hence, we've designed the "Multidimensional Journeys" workshop as a seamless continuation of the "Awakening MD."

The multidimensional journeys aren't astral or interdimensional travels. They are meditative ventures into awareness, guiding you to expand and ground in harmony with your innate wisdom. You are an explorer sailing in your awareness.

A profound realisation dawns: throughout time, space, and dimensions, you've been on a singular journey, returning home.

The journeys we facilitate for you in this series will help you get familiar with your soul's stories and anchor you in your innate wisdom.

You will strengthen your connection with your higher self and guides for guidance.

During our time together, we'll uncover how these multidimensional journeys contribute to self-healing, clearing, closures, and the activation of new gifts and wisdom.

Furthermore, these journeys infuse creative vitality into your life, nurturing your connection to your Earth and Heaven simultaneously, embracing the multidimensional way of living.

Feedback from Previous Course Participants

Since I awakened my multidimensionality and activated my connection with my inner school I feel guided at every step. Every life experience and every meditation have a common theme: mastering myself. Thanks to your courses and 1:1 sessions, I brought so much healing and deeper meaning to many aspects of my life. Journey goes on!
AYSEGUL COLAK, Course Participant
I just wanted to thank you for our meditation.
I could feel the deep meditation and actually see myself anchoring to Mother Earth in a big shaft of light. The area I live was being anchored in light as I was surrounded with column of light. So grateful to you for your blessings and light that you are spreading and sharing with the whole world.
Ratna Bawa , Course Participant
I remember connecting with my higher self and expanding in union. In this journey, with awareness I have brought my multidimensional presence and connected with Mother Earth showering her with iridescent light and love. She loves us. Each journey shows me how I can utilise this potential to bring more love and light to my being and serve my purpose.
CAROL, Course Participant

Every journey becomes a voyage into multidimensional awareness and your inner school guides you when you are fully aligned in your true purpose: knowing the self.

This workshop will show you how to merge your spiritual and earthly aspects and harmoniously experience yourself as a multidimensional being.


We offer these trainings regularly, each workshop building upon the foundation laid in the previous ones. If you have previously received MD Activation, you can join this one directly. Otherwise please start with the
Awaken MD workshop.
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Benefits of Awakening your Multidimensionality

Have you seen our Awaken Your Multidimensionality course?
You'll sense a new vibrational field within, a shift in your state of consciousness. 
Reclaiming your inner wisdom from your ancestral and soul lineage unfolds at every step.
With your multidimensional awakening, the natural communicator and creator within you come alive. That's authenticity unfolding.
Dealing with past life blockages and self-healing becomes simpler in multidimensional awareness.
Your soul abilities start manifesting and improving, and your intuitive knowing develops.
You discover your role in the Shift and find direction to share your gifts with the world.

Learn from the comfort of your home with our online training.

  • High frequency and vibrational field
  • Email Support and Facebook Community
  • Sacred gifts and journeys 
  • Replays available to watch later if you miss the session
  • Online and live training with Q&As
  • 1:1 Session to address your unique needs.
Join from your phone, laptop, computer.
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Early Bird Discounts

Course 1: Awakening Your Multidimensionality
Course 2: Multidimensional Journey

With deeper insights, teachings and activations learn how to use your multidimensional abilities and attune to your soul's mission.
8 weeks
Gabrielle Mason,
Sound Healing and Reiki Master
I have had the wonderful opportunity to join Nusra's multidimensional meditations. Not only was I able to connect with and innerstand my multidimensionality in deeper ways, but my extra sensory/intuitive abilities expanded, and I was able to connect with my innermost being more easily. This led to a natural process of stepping into deeper alignment with my purpose and calling.

This awareness continues to be a guiding light that brings me closer to the Divine within and was experienced deeply within Nusra’s work/sessions. Through opportunities/work like this, I do believe we can experience collective healing, deepened connections to each other, and most importantly, awareness of our unique divine roles/expressions on the Earth plane.

Embrace your multidimensional self. Start exploring!

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