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Feminine & Masculine Aspects / Yin & Yang

Understanding the feminine and masculine aspects

Understanding the feminine and masculine aspects and their attributes can help us in myriad ways. Regardless of our gender, we all carry the feminine and masculine aspects, and we can potentially master them. If you look at the inner masculine and inner feminine as two aspects of the same soul, you can see the healing and transformation points arising from their coexistence. Of course, we have some blind spots along the way, but don't worry; everything worth your attention will come to you in new ways until you fully heal and embody both aspects.

The western way of studying a subject goes with classifications, categorisations, creating lists and bullet points. However, these classifications will not be as clear and distinctive in the Eastern approach. I will bring the definitions to give a general idea but will leave it to your internal observation at the end of this article.

Therefore, don't take the attributes I will mention literally, but entertain the idea that feminine and masculine aspects are fifty shades of grey with tons of tones in between. They can manifest in many ways, and only our internal observation can give us the necessary awareness. I will only provide a general understanding in this blog post, and as usual, I will blend my previous research and studies with personal experiences in multidimensional awareness. Again, I will definitely tune into my wise helpers, and this time, we will connect with Lao Tzu's wisdom and lay the ground to go deeper in the next article.

Let's look at each aspect now and understand the dynamic interplay between them.

Feminine and Masculine Attributes

Our feminine aspect moves in the flow. She is intuitive, inspirational, creative, sensual, flexible, spontaneous, unpredictable, embracing, nurturing, compassionate, emotional and supportive. Our masculine aspect moves linearly. He is progressive and outward. He brings courage, structure, and discipline and supports us with his systematic and logical ways. He has common sense. I adore my inner masculine, especially for that last bit.

If we met two people with these character traits, we would think they are totally different but can complement each other perfectly. That's true. Healing the traumas and wounds of these aspects can help us unblock their true potential. Each aspect can help us with their energy, wisdom and abilities when we need them.

A harmony between these two aspects can open the doors to a mutual interplay and balance. It is not a 50:50 static balance but instead a breathtakingly beautiful dance. In the flow, yet structured; expansive and outward yet in touch with the inner, creative yet highly grounded and well-rehearsed. Maybe this dance will flow more spontaneously and creatively some days, and perhaps another time we will study the choreography diligently. 

Yin and Yang and the Two Dots

In the yin and yang illustration, two black and white dots are placed in opposing ways. The black figure represents the Yin, the feminine aspect, and a white dot in the middle represents the masculine aspect and vice versa. In one of my source communication sessions, I asked about the meaning of those dots and observed a 3D version of the illustration, like a motion picture. The image got divided into two: The white (yang) aspect was placed above, and the black (Yin) part moved below. They connected as Earthly and Heavenly planes, and two dots connected with each other and formed a human being between these two planes. This human being could reach the Yang Heavenly plane with a Yin mind and connect with Earth with a Yang stance.

Think about your Pilates, Yoga, Chi Gong or Tensegrity (of Ancient Mexican Shamans) stance. We relax the upper body, bring the mind to a mellow state and extend our crown to connect with Heaven (cosmic intelligence); and connect with Earth with stable legs and our roots. Like a tree. When you are in this stance with awareness, you are connecting Heaven and Earth and allowing the energy to flow between two realms because you are creating and connecting the dots. Heaven, the giver, connects with the receptive crown, and Earth receives through your powerful roots. You facilitate the connection and transform the energy through your soul, mind, and body alignment.

These two dots can be interpreted in many ways, but for the purpose and scope of this post, I will bring a helpful perspective before closing. Those two dots are where both connect and carry each other's wisdom. Everything consists of all other things. If we leave an empty space for the energy flow, we allow the other aspect's knowledge, support and abilities to reach us. Opposing forces are not actually opposing. Our duality mind and analytical classifications put things into manageable boxes so we can control information. Even the way we are conditioned to learn is wired with masculine attributes, the brain's left hemisphere. Building the connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and feminine and masculine aspects can bring much ease to our journeys. If we allow these aspects to learn each other's rhythm and movements, the journey would be a spectacular dance on all levels.

How? They already have those backdoors and magical templates of each other within themselves as seeds.

A Short Exercise

Take the time to use your favourite pose to create a stance with awareness in the morning. Extend your crown to the sky, connect with cosmic intelligence with an unfocused mind and relax the upper body. Drop your root chakra and connect with Earth with a solid awareness. Use the breath to connect with the energy flow. If you are a dancer type like me do some basic but conscious movements to harmonise the right and left sides, higher and lower sides of your body and aura.

After 10 minutes of stance, movement and breath, bring your awareness to your heart temple. With loving and compassionate affirmations and gentle awareness approach your inner feminine and inner masculine. Take the time to explore what they are like for you. Forget all the classifications and lists about who they are and how they act. Observe and connect with them with open heart and open mind. Learn about them with fresh eyes. You will explore their weaknesses and strengths and allow them to be who they are without many labels and definitions. By giving them a free and non-judgmental space they will show up to you as they are.

You will bring more harmony into your life and allow both aspects to find their divine blueprint.

We thank Lao Tzu. We will go deeper on this subject next time.

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