Embody Your Multidimension Self

Our aim for this live training is to create a space for those who wish to learn and transform on their journeys towards achieving a higher degree of union and wholeness within. We will cover certain concepts to create the transformation on the "being" and do the inner work to internalise the knowledge.

The intention is to create a multi-faith and secular space and work with the raw essences like compassion, love, authenticity and learn to work with support from your soul's lineage and teachers. The intention is beyond us, however we will align with this intention with trust and surrender. As always we are opening a space filled with the Divine Mother (Sophia) spirit's love, compassion and empowerment and be guided by Quan Yin and Lady Nada.

We will tune into our multidimensional presence and train in higher dimensional consciousness. We will be supported by ancient teachers that we might know from different traditions as well as Archangels.

Join us to transform and align step by step, and receive the energy and wisdom that can help you elevate your journey.

See the benefits you get below.
  • 8-week learning journey

  • 14 hours of live sessions

  • Workbooks

  • 1 Ebook

  • 9 webinars

  • Community Space

  • Lifetime access

  • Chat support

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  • Highlights

  • 8 week webinar series + the entry session
  • Available to enrol
  • Special Lilac Ray channeling for embodying multidimensional self
  • A Lemurian and Angelic training field, ready to dive in
  • 1 Ebook: Multidimensional Consciousness and the New Earth
  • Workbooks with insights and exercises
  • Life time access to the webinars in your learner area
  • Community space to chat with other learners and the teacher
  • Free for Multidimensional Mastery trainees

Introduction Video for the Event

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Embodying your multidimensional self course will bring a higher degree of union to your being, and help you elevate your journey.
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What to expect from this event?

"The main objective of this new webinar series is to create a space to empower you to achieve a higher degree of union within. We will set intentions and embark on a beautiful journey into our new field for embodying our multidimensional self. Expect a magical elevation, and reconnecting with ancient wisdom.
Let's explore and be amazed together."
Nusra Sahin
Founder & Teacher
"Embodying your multidimensional self" is embodying layers of your being and reaching a state of oneness and wholeness. It is a journey and alchemical process rather than a destination.

In that process, you experience the homecoming, activate your wisdom and gifts and reconnect with your ancient roots.

In the "Multidimendisonal Way", we are held in Divine Mother Sophia's loving, compassionate and empowering field and we activate our inner power, wisdom and abilities. Embodying your multidimensional self is building yourself as a masterpiece. Indeed there is a lot to release and infinite layers to embody. My intention is to share the inspiration, tools and the principles to help you create a precise alignment towards your journey into oneness. We will be supported with empowering energies, thanks to the divine grace making it possible for our access.

As usual, in this event we will receive support from Ancient Teachers, Archangels and make our ways to our higher dimensional training field designed to deliver the much needed blessings, energies and consciousness codes to us.

Be open to awaken your senses.

A new training field carrying Angelic and Lemurian essence has opened up for us, and ready for us to dive in. 

Course content

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A feedback from our previous webinar

"Your webinars helped me to gain some insight into my path and where to go next. It was helpful to gain more understanding of the multi-dimensional aspect too. I was already working with my higher self to embody more light but it is giving me more clarity and understanding of the process! I will definitely continue to practise to download more of my higher self and soul. I will continue to embody my multidimensional self."
Sally Stevens, Meet the Master within Event

This training is for you

if you wish to elevate your spiritual journey, and embody new layers of your being with ease, empowerment and support.

You will learn how to

  • activate your multidimensional intelligence
  • use multidimensional communication with higher selves and ancient teachers
  • self-guide your journey
  • align with the intention of achieving a higher degree of union
  • balance feminine and masculine aspects
  • bring more love, healing and alchemy to your being
  • receive support from the Ancient Teachers
  • reconnect with your roots
  • uncover your gifts and utilise them towards your journey into unknown
  • develop sense of truth and commitment
  • release with ease and open up space for the new (year)
  • create a practice routine to carry this work forward with commitment

Our students love us

I joined Nusra's "Meet the Master Within" event. It opened my understanding to what a multidimensional existence means. I received the blessing of the Ascended Masters and felt the joy of being with them. The presentation and guided experience was delightful by Nusra. Her joy and playful presentation was filled with a lightness that made the experience feel fun and light and without pressure. I continue to draw on the experience today.  
Through deep clearing on chakras and in particular the heart portal, she is guiding us to gently open up. Nusra channels the insights from the Ascended Masters beautifully, and has taken us into the deep meditations. Several times the frequency was so high that I was knocked out, and I knew that I received wisdom that I would be able to use later. I will be coming back to receive more of this wisdom. Thank you Nusra for your teachings, guidance and humour. 
The effects of the workshop are still lasting, it is as if I am receiving continuous downloads of information and have had an acceleration. As if it had opened up a new access to my multidimensional abilities. I felt a very strong connection with Sophia during the workshop. I found a new understanding of the communication between the microcosmos-macrocosmos...
Thank you.
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