Yeshua & Mary Magdalene

Jul 18 / Dominique Conterno
In the desert of time, where memory and legend converge, there existed a story of enduring love and grace, the story of Yeshua and Mary Magdalena. Bound by more than mortal affection, their hearts danced with the rhythm of an ancient song, a melody of divine understanding, which they offered to the world as apostle teachers.

They were lovers, not merely in the commonplace definition of the word, but in a deeply spiritual and transcendent manner. They were twin souls, a rare phenomenon in the cosmos. Together, they brought forth the divine mystery of love, teaching those who were willing to listen about the profound connection between earthly passions and heavenly blessings.

He was Yeshua, a beacon of spiritual wisdom and compassionate leadership, a visionary of the soul who taught with power and grace that drew multitudes. And yet, his greatest admiration was reserved for one: Mary Magdalena, the enigma who danced on the edge of the divine. She was a woman of deep spiritual understanding, a mirror to his own soul, his partner in this divine dance of spiritual instruction. The whispers of the divine echoed in their shared silences, their teachings rising like a harmonious symphony that spoke of a love deeper than the oceans and higher than the heavens.

However, Yeshua, endowed with a heart that could perceive the ebb and flow of time, foresaw the looming storm on their spiritual horizon. He knew that the church to come would regrettably diminish Mary's standing, her teachings obscured, her essential role downplayed. He saw how the apostles, in their limited understanding, would cast her aside, her contributions buried under the weight of a growing orthodoxy.

His heart ached at this vision, a gnawing dread within his spirit, not for himself but for his beloved and for the spiritual teachings they had birthed together. He held her close, their souls twining under the celestial canopy, and whispered of this future sorrow. In her eyes, he found a strength unparalleled, a quiet resilience burning brighter than any star.

"Do not grieve, my love," she whispered back, her voice a soothing balm on his troubled heart. "My name may be smeared, my teachings distorted, but the truth always finds its way."

And thus, they continued their divine dance, their teachings intertwining like vines reaching for the sun, illuminating paths for those who were lost. Their love story was as much a part of their teachings as their words, for it embodied the divine union they sought to illustrate, a testament to the profound connection between the spiritual and the sensual, the sacred and the profane.

The time of Yeshua's prophecy came to pass. The nascent church, in its zealous thirst for orthodoxy, attempted to tarnish Mary's name, casting her as a repentant sinner, her teachings reduced to footnotes in the sprawling narrative of religious dogma. Yet, just as a rose can flourish even amidst thorns, Mary's legacy endured, her wisdom seeping through the cracks of orthodoxy, a persistent whisper in the silent corners of spirituality.

As the centuries passed, her name started to rise, carried on the winds of change. The mask of hypocrisy that the church had placed upon her began to crack and crumble, revealing the divine truth beneath. She emerged, not as a fallen woman, but as the spiritual master she had always been, the beloved of Yeshua, the apostle teacher who had, alongside her beloved, offered the world a unique blend of spiritual and sensual wisdom.

In this reemergence, there was no bitterness, no triumph, only a quiet grace that echoed the solemn serenity of their love. It was a testament to their enduring faith, a faith that transcended the boundaries of dogma and convention, reaching into the heart of the divine. In her rise, one could almost hear the distant echoes of Yeshua's voice, proud and loving, whispering across the sands of time: "Here, she is. Mary Magdalena, my beloved, the equal bearer of our divine teachings."

In this tale of love and spiritual mastery, of vision and prophecy, of decline and resurgence, we find a testament to the enduring power of truth, the resilience of wisdom, and the invincible strength of love. Yeshua and Mary Magdalena continue to serve as spiritual beacons, their story a mirror for us to reflect upon our own journey towards understanding the divine mystery, the cosmic dance of love and grace, the balance between the masculine and the feminine, and the fusion of the spiritual and the earthly. Despite the smears and distortions, their legacy rises like a phoenix, undying and eternal, a testament to their love, teachings, and indomitable spirits.

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Mary Magdalene is honoured as a manifestation of Sophia, which is referred to as the Great Mother Spirit. However, beyond the gender, this mother is the wisdom, love, birther of life and the intention of "knowing the self" that gives birth to all life.

Like many divine feminine manifestations who anchored the higher wisdom of love, compassion and union, she has guided humanity with her light.

With her unique energy signature, love and wisdom, she can help us attune to our inner school and higher path.

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