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the Divine Feminine & Masculine

for life transformation and more

Awaken the wisdom of duality, love and union.

Do you argue with your inner feminine or masculine at times? Do you feel the communication and collaboration between these two aspects are not quite in harmony?

The challenges we experience in life, be it with our parents or partners or due to other external factors, can create "wounds", "patterns", and "barriers" that prevent us from accessing our divine potential.

Looking closely, we notice that what is playing out in our external reality comes from within.
When we are not in a supportive and loving relationship within, we go looking for the missing pieces outside of ourselves. We look for approval, permission, and validation and develop co-dependency. Eventually, we disturb the balance of giving and receiving. We give away our inner power, cause imbalances in our chakras and disperse our energy. Without noticing, we create further separation, exhaustion and resentment that translates into various unhealthy patterns in spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and energy bodies.

By understanding the language, qualities and potential of our dual aspect, we can open the conversation and bring more healing and wholeness to our being. We find our authentic flow. The dance of these two is key to alchemy, transformation and integration in all areas of our life.
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A harmonious dance between our dual aspects can help us in our work, business, and relationships and opens the door to spiritual growth. Such a journey can lead us to our divine union and Sophia-Christ embodiment.
In many traditions, studying the feminine and masculine aspects, sacred marriage, and sacred sexuality has been a part of self-realisation and higher mastery teachings.

This workshop will look at this duality to bring the necessary alchemy and transformation into your life. 

The workshop will be a healing and empowering journey filled with helpful insights, teachings and practices. We will implement various empowerment tools:

  • Chakra healing and alignment
  • Energy clearing 
  • Reclaiming our feminine and masculine power and wisdom
  • Alignment and Integration practices
  • Activations and empowering energies
  • Connection with the Ascended Masters
  • Source Communication
  • Dance, music and movement 

The workshop is for male and female participants, and we love having a balanced group.
We will connect with the field of Sophia's Temple and receive blessings and activations feeling the presence of Mary Magdalene, Jesus and other Ascended Masters.
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 Teachings and insights from various traditions on the Feminine and Masculine aspects.

Healing and empowering practices in the Higher Dimensional Training Field the School brings to you.

Sacred Journeys, Cosmic Dance and Activations to bring new energies and consciousness codes.

7 Live Webinars, each around 90 minutes.
Replays will be available with
lifetime access.

A dedicated Facebook Group to stay on track, network, share and Q&A for 7 weeks. 

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Balancing and cultivating yin and yang energies, and activating the mysteries of our dual nature have been key concepts in many traditions for spiritual growth and transforming our life experiences.
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In the Taoist tradition, yin and yang balance was seen as the pillars of health and happiness in our emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and energy bodies. Opposing forces can elevate growth if approached wisely.
In Yogic tradition, with postures, breathwork and the philosophy of tantra, practitioners build their Shakti and Shiva potential to find harmony in life and also the union with the Divine. 
In Shamanic tradition, practitioners honour nature's cycles and live in alignment with mother nature, father sky, and the spirit realm. The ancient dreamers mastered the feminine and masculine's perceptive abilities and the potential beyond gender.
In Sufi tradition, the journey between the lover and the beloved is a path to union. God is praised as one deity with many names which describe its feminine and masculine attributes. The journey to union was through integrating these qualities through divine love.
The mystery and mastery schools of Egypt held great wisdom on balancing and cultivating feminine and masculine energy, harnessing the power of sacred sexuality to achieve higher mastery.


We covered this concept in other courses and events partially as relevant. However this is our very first workshop solely focusing on ALCHEMY in our Mastery School. 
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Workshop Content

More details on the content?

+ We will study the feminine and masculine qualities referring to different traditions and understand how these attributes can help us transform our lives.

+ We will awaken our multidimensional self and practise multidimensional awareness.

+ We will not only learn the philosophy and insights but also heal and renew our relationship with our inner feminine and masculine using different tools.

+ The new techniques and perspective we will introduce in this workshop can bring more ease and joy to your healing and multidimensional evolution.

+ We will learn how we can maintain the balance and create unity throughout our spiritual journey addressing its higher forms. 

+ We will learn deeper wisdom on how Alchemy and our evolution to New Human are related.
Your multidimensional evolution
As a facilitator and teacher, I help the group awaken their multidimensional self and experience the awareness that makes reaching higher states of consciousness possible.

In Multidimensional Consciousness Studies, we aim to empower you to build your connection with yourself beyond time, space and dimensions and navigate your journey by accessing your higher self's guidance and source intelligence.

I share insights and guide you to multidimensional journeys. The high-frequency field we activate expands your perception and helps you vibrate at a level to connect with the higher teachers and cosmic helpers.

The overall aim of our Mastery School is to help you explore your potential as a multidimensional being and create a New Earth, starting with creating the master you can be. Therefore Alchemy plays a vital role in this process.
Nusra Sahin
Founder, Author & Teacher
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Find your inner harmony, balance with a workshop dedicated to Alchemy.

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