Your New Soul Mission / What Are You Creating?

Jul 20 / Nusra Sahin
The Divine Council has given a signal for the start of a new stage. The second half of July is the end of the Galactic Year. Between Sirius Gate (4-8th of July) and Lion's Gate (8th of August), we are in a place of review and realignment. You might notice a change in your soul's contract and mission.

Your true purpose never changes; it is being who you are.

On the journey, we sign new soul contracts, receive soul missions and fulfil roles in physical and soul planes.

Until mid-August, with intentions, affirmations, and meditations, reclaim your inner wisdom and power and realign with purposeful living. 

Make sure to distinguish such periods from the dynamics of the battlefields or competitive corporate worlds. Be careful about the spiritual ego. We will face it as we go, be often reminded that the true power and mission come from an unconditional space. When such things kick in, be humble and wise to remember. Always be grateful for the reminders wherever they are coming from. 

"The highest is the lowest, and both are non-existent." I feel like coming from Quan Yin.

"There is nothing out there; find your nothingness. Be who you are." she reminds us.

Yes, we stay there, find our nothingness and come from the unconditional space of free self-expression to give birth to our creations and manifestation. We love and enjoy that free space.
Such meditations can help us rebalance, free our perceptions and find oneness with our missions! Our journey is not separate from our self-expressions, and vice versa.

If you have any questions, bring them to the meditation field. 
A magic question I highly recommend is this: "What am I creating?"

If you are experiencing a change in your soul contracts and mission, you might observe a change in your circumstances, career and direction. You might attract new opportunities or ideas or revive an old project.

You might also see a deeper connection with your current mission. This is what I see for many people. Some people are realigning with their plans on a deeper level. They are going in the same direction with new abilities, awareness and responsibilities.

Such changes might show up as a role where you can serve the divine mission on the soul plane and inner realms.

Whether you feel this realignment in the physical or soul plane, remember all aspects are interconnected. We must remind ourselves is that what opens up for us is authentic and best for our growth.
If you are not observing any changes or not seeing anything related to your soul contracts or mission, put your questions and requests forward through your higher self and source connection. Stay on the topic and open your heart to messages.

This change happens in all realms, dimensions and realities as the Great Mother calls the souls "to live from their true essence and potential". She now sends these messages with new frequencies and energetic transmissions. With Mother Earth's connection to the cosmic and divine information flow, we are very open to such communications and feel their energetic effects more than before.
We are now much closer to the Great Mother Spirit now. She is on the other end of the phone, and we can dial in and check what the heck is happening with us. She will wave her fan gracefully and tell you, "I see you."

That is a great place to be and an exciting starting point.

You respond: "Oh, good! I see you too."
We can take it from there, simple communication and an intimate connection with life.

The Mother's direction for humanity and the whole existence is not new but loud; it is not only frequency and vibrational channelling but also a solid path of realising ourselves as manifestations of love, wisdom and creative consciousness.

We can observe and feel the Mother's emanations from different angles and dimensions, within and without.

The Divine Sophia returns all the way.

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