Nusra Sahin

On Wholeness and Self-Love

My story on self-love has developed gradually. I practised self-love whenever I felt stuck in patterns. I used healing and energy-clearing tools and went on multidimensional journeys to better understand the wisdom of self-love. All of these helped.

I remember a particular stage in my life. Once, I asked one of my guides about a higher level wisdom. The answer was interesting "Your self-love is not enough." I thought I had been practising self-love, but somehow I had to top up. I couldn't understand what it meant and decided to meditate on it.

I meditated on this experience for some time, believing there was a deeper lesson for me. Self-love showed itself like fuel for the journey and life force. It gives you the inner power to stand tall as a divine being and a humble heart to stay at your "Zero Point". It is the key to who you truly are and a reminder to love yourself as the Source. Its purest version is love for the one and all. It takes you beyond your conditioned self and limiting beliefs. 

Here, a quick background information: I do astral ice skating in some of my dancing meditations. I go to the same ice rink at such times. I remember ice skating astrally on this, in full power, full of thoughts and emotions, trying to make sense of my barriers around self-love. Ice rink cools me down :). The one I remember on this occasion helped me find the determination to go beyond my limiting beliefs. After days of observation, I could see how I had been deviating from it. 

My understanding of self-love evolved more when in one of my meditations, dear Jesus guided me to practise with a mantra: "I am love." It seemed too simple for my complex taste. Even my first thought was, "I know that one!". His presence was so peaceful that my thoughts dissolved. Like Sufis, I put my right hand over my heart and started to repeat the mantra, feeling his presence. I knew the mantra but didn't know the state of being and the vibrational field it could create within and around me. In schools, in the presence of the teacher, we learn better. It is the same in the spiritual journey. The divine teachers channel their wisdom and assistance to us energetically.

That night I felt the presence of family, friends and many souls I have never met in my living room. I was connecting with other souls through this "I am love" field.

That stage of my journey shifted something within me. I did not need to top up my self-love tank after that. I was consciously tuning into the state of being love, emanating it and being embraced with my "I am love cocoon". In this love field, I was sensing my higher self, aspects, my life journey on Earth and other places, my guides, Mother Earth and more. Nothing coming to my attention was separate from that field. I only allowed it to expand and include all. 

I believe creating "I am love cocoon" as a transformative field can help everyone understand and experience the wisdom of self-love. 

Once we acknowledge that love is a state of being and the substance of all creation, we can use it to realign and reintegrate the self.

Self-love creates the field that nurtures, heals, alchemises, voids and re-builds you. This vibrational field is the source love that carries your energy signature. That's awesome.

My lessons around self-love evolved gradually, and now my astral ice skating is more in the flow. The ice rink becomes an endless, empowering and loving place for me to skate and dance, feeling the beauty, love, gratitude and connection with all.

As we practise, we might see self-love as a cohesive element that connects us with our presence in time, space, and dimensions, with all aspects of the self, which we call "multidimensional presence" in our education programs. 

In our upcoming live training, "Embody Your Multidimensional Self", self-love will be a central topic. In the One Crystal Heart & Self-Love webinar, we will receive the Crystal Heart activation, form a one-heart circle and practise self-love in our multidimensional presence, feeling the presence of our teachers and other students on the same journey as us.

The astral ice rink may not speak to everyone, but in Sophia's loving, compassionate and nurturing field, we will find the energetic support to create our unique "I am love cocoons".

Visit the course page to learn more about the content and the benefits you get from this 8-week live training. We have a free introduction session on 24th of October, find this free webinar and register for it.
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