Step into Multidimensionality: A Warm Welcome to the School of Multidimensional Consciousness®

Nov 19
Welcome to the School of Multidimensional Consciousness® — a space where dreams of exploration and self-discovery become a reality. In this post, I want to share the background, purpose, and the transformative journey that awaits you.

Embrace Your Multidimensional Being

Our mission is clear: to provide you with practices and insights that unlock your identity as a multidimensional being. Imagine tapping into the vast intelligence and abilities that reside within you across different dimensions. The School acts as a guide, fostering a connection with your authentic multidimensional nature.

Rather than treating Nirvana or Enlightenment as distant goals, we invite you to explore your evolution as a journey to mastery — a journey of alchemy, creation and embodiment.

Your life, your self and the entire existence is your self-expression. Path of mastery, looks into this.

Path of Mastery

At the core of the School is a dedication to offering courses, practices, and community support, creating a safe and guided space for you to delve into the transformative journey of soul alchemy. This voyage is more than awakening; it's a dedicated practice of self-mastery and an exploration of purposeful living.

Our spiritual journey is a narrative woven with rich experiences, and our desire is to share these stories with you, empowering you to unravel your own.

The School opens gateways to training opportunities across different dimensions, aiding you in navigating and setting directions on the path of mastery within multidimensional awareness.

Awaken Your Multidimensional Self

Authentically, you are a pillar of light, a gateway to higher consciousness, and a being ascending in a vertical direction. The spiritual genius within you awaits awakening, ready to activate your authentic template and harness all the abilities and knowledge available.
Multidimensionality allows you to experience yourself as a conduit, connector, and a gateway to higher dimensional energies, enabling you to live in alignment with your true potential.
The School functions as a wisdom and energy hub in this alchemical process. We establish a connection with the field of Sophia's Temple, opening up an uplifting realm — a space of loving, compassionate, and empowering energy.
Here, we activate our multidimensional awareness and operate in heightened awareness, connecting with higher teachers and higher selves.

Through classes, activations, and transmissions, we guide you to awaken your multidimensional self, preparing you for the journey of a master.

Guided by Wisdom

Guided by the words, "Bring people to the higher layers; the support is immense." our journey reveals that within the higher dimensional training fields, the boundaries within our hearts and minds are easily lifted. The School exists to assist you in embodying your multidimensional self, bringing your mastery to Earth.
As your instructor, my role is to provide you with tools and empower you to take charge of your journey. The path is precise, though not always linear, requiring alignment and self-direction.

Vision of a Multidimensional Earth

Lastly, as a School and a community, we hold the vision of Earth as a Multidimensional Earth. Through our collective practices in our multidimensional presence, we contribute to making the New Earth consciousness more accessible and support Gaia's journey.
Explore our free webinars, talks, and practice sessions that spread inspiration and offer love visiting our Free Resources area or Multidimensional Way mini-course.

Dive into our on-demand training programs, and join our upcoming "Awaken Your Multidimensional Self" program.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

About the Instructor

I am the founder and developer of the Multidimensional Way system which focuses on your soul's alchemical process to its authentic self .

Having been guided by many ascended masters, I have created the educational materials, processes and transmissions solely focusing on your multidimensional evolution and self-mastery. I do not only share the educational materials and insights, but also act as a conduit to channel the wisdom keepers and transmit the consciousness and energy codes from the Sophia's Temple.

The classes are ran as transformative experiences in multidimensional awareness in the training space created by the Sophia's Temple with the assistance of the higher teachers.

From the writing of the
Multidimensional Consciousness and The New Earth book to day, the project is being guided by Quan Yin and Jesus in addition to many higher teachers whose presence will be felt by the participants, in the sessions, as you awaken your multidimensionality.
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