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We have also added our Alchemy Masterclass to help you understand our collective evolution towards the New Human that we also refer as Multidimensional Human.
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Read, Practise & Align

This mini e-book explains how you can be a part of creating the New Earth with love and awareness connecting with your true essence. We shared the insights to help you understand your multidimensionality and how this helps us access the wisdom, blessings and be a part of the collective journey. With the video class and multidimensional journey session in the course, you will have a complete learning experience. You will feel the healing energies and blessings and take away many helpful points for your role and purpose.
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Multidimensional Way, Divine Humans & The New Earth

With simple insights and tips, I present the dynamics of our new paradigm and explain why your multidimensional intelligence is key to unlocking the next phase of human evolution.

I take you to the Divine Mother's dream and facilitate a Sacred Journey. We receive loving, healing and empowering energies to align and attune to our new paradigm and divine roles.

You will learn simple techniques to do your bit as a collective, cosmic and divine being.
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  • Dynamics of our New Paradigm
  • Being a conscious contributor
  • Human as a collective, cosmic and divine being
  • Divine Mother's Vision
  • Wisdom of multidimensionality
  • Concept of the divine roles
  • Activation & Alignment session
  • Understanding the soul alchemy and evolution towards multidimensional human.
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You are a multidimensional being.
The New Earth is your dream, claim it!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to enter my card details to register for the free events / free resources?

No. You create an account with your personal details only.

Is there a time-limit for the replays?

No. They will continue to be accessible in your learners area. However the Free Resources/Materials will be reconfigured in regular intervals. If there is a specific class your wish to join, benefit from it as soon as possible. We don't promise lifetime access to our free materials.

Can I apply the multidimensional journey sessions alone? 

Yes. Please follow the tips and insights to create the right alignment and make sure you are connected with your heart centre. Without your heart connection, you are disconnected. In the School's practices, the teacher invites to the field that we associate with our Mastery School. We connect with a loving, compassionate and empowering field that you might hear me defining as "multidimensional consciousness field", "School's field" or "Sophia's field". With training and practices you will align with your multidimensional presence and learn how to train in your multidimensional presence. The School is committed to support you with both free and paid resources.

How can I learn more about the Mastery Training?

Please fill out our form to get in touch with us. We will organise a 1:1 session or invite you to our next live webinar on this Subject.
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Our students love us

This teaching offered by Nusra Sahin is very valuable in my mission to lead people to awakening of who they really are and to envision and create New Earth from a higher aspect of themselves where manifestation begins. The Multidimensional Consciousness System would help anyone who, like me, has found or wants to find their own unique mission in this time of so much transition. We all need to manifest our heart’s desires for the world and all living beings in it. 
Nusra has provided me with the safe space and guidance I have needed to further delve into my multidimensionality. She guides me into deeper knowing of what is within my heart and has enhanced my ability to consciously connect with other multidimensional beings. I have found that my heart center is more open and I stand more fully in my power as a creator. Nusra's knowledge and courses guide and aid you to step more fully into your own authority as a sovereign being. 
I read Nusra's book titled Multidimensional Consciousness and the New Earth, which explores the possibility of connecting with higher realms and using this in your daily life. I also attended an online course in which she helps people put the techniques from the book into practice. Nusra's compassion and her genuine desire to help humanity shines through in every encounter she has with her students and mediation groups. I have found this hugely beneficial in my own spiritual practice.

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