Awaken Your Multidimensional Self

Jul 17 / Nusra Sahin
Awakening our multidimensionality reminds us that we are aware and conscious in all dimensions and realms. Therefore, if we want, we can build a relationship with our aspects to fulfil our soul's mission on Earth.

Teaming up with your higher selves, guides, and cosmic helpers can boost your spiritual growth and help you understand your role on Earth.

On the first day of our weekend workshop, we summarised how awakening this aspect can benefit our lives.

We connected with Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus to receive heart and mind-opening teachings on uncovering our inner wisdom.
We connected with our heart temple and created a circle with our higher aspects, guides, teachers and cosmic helpers. In that circle, we experienced love and a deeper connection with ourselves and Mother Earth.

When we acknowledge ourselves as a multidimensional being, we embrace ourselves in wholeness. There is immense power and wisdom in acknowledging this. 

Our feminine and masculine aspects, our past, present and future selves, soul and oversouls, come into an alignment and unity.
This is what we did in the high-frequency field of Sophia's Mastery School. We connected with our higher selves, guides, and cosmic helpers. We felt the love circulating within our soul collective.
Once we realise that the self is beyond our human experience as we commonly define it, we open the door to a new way of being and perceiving other worlds.

Multidimensional Evolution

Some of us are more attuned to higher dimensions, and we find it difficult to ground and find the balance in our human reality.
Some of us are opening up to the higher realities and states of consciousness.

Whichever way is our journey, towards integrating our heavenly self or Earthly being, we can find proper stability and connection when we align all these aspects and understand the journey as a multidimensional evolution that is taking place in all directions.

If we think of the journey as a linear progression towards a destination, we lose the true essence of spirituality.

True spirituality is about one's journey to know himself. There are no rule books, labels or categories—a self-exploration and ability to walk the journey with more clarity, new awareness and gifts.

A Magic Question

A powerful question came with Mary Magdalene's powerful, loving energy:

"If you were already enlightened and have achieved all the spiritual growth you can think of, what would you be doing now?"

The question invites us to think about our purpose from a place of freedom.

That's the way of the master. (S)He is liberated, empowered and aware. He is focused on how to walk his path in alignment with his inner truth and express who he is.

He is aware that the journey is infinite. Therefore, he focuses on the ways of being rather than the destination and progression.

In that state of being, we are aligned, centred, and ready to explore what is possible with us, through us. 

We are not looking for the right, correct or perfect; we are curious and aware.


In the second part of Day 1, we received healing and liberating blessings for heart and mind and were blessed with the flames of divine love.

Every participant received personalised activations and attunements from Master Jesus to activate the next steps in their evolutionary journey.

Join our next event to experience the field and receive activations and attunements to unlock your potential.

Our Next Event: Mary Magdalene's Birthday & Master's Path Transmission

Our next event will go deeper on the topic of alchemy, multidimensional evolution and the Path of the Master.

We will honour Mary Magdalene for her wisdom and assistance to humanity on her birthday on 22 July.

This class + meditative experience will be an excellent opportunity to understand the path of the master and receive the attunements that will empower you on your journey.

We will present this as part of our Alchemy: Divine Feminine & Masculine for Life Transformation workshop series.

If you are joining us for the workshop, you will automatically have access to this live event.

Our Next Event

In this 2-hour workshop, we will learn Mary Magdalane's wisdom on feminine and masculine principles, divine love and alchemy as a way to embody our Sophia-Christ essence. We will also understand the path of the master and what it can bring to our lives.

Mary Magdalene's wisdom and gifts are largely studied in the divine feminine studies as a Goddess Path.

In the School of Multidimensional Consciousness, we honour her as one of the key divine teachers and wisdom keepers that help both males and females access higher wisdom and higher mastery.

This workshop is for both males and females who wish to awaken their inner wisdom, gifts and embody their divine blueprint.
We will honour her wisdom and celebrate her birthday with gratitude and love.
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