Feminine, Masculine and Lover Initiation

Jul 24 / Gloria June Karol
Many men crave for their women to open up. Her beloved will have to show up and provide her emotional safety, and her central nervous system will relax enough to flow into his masculine divinely. Many men are stuck in alpha, detached from nurturing & emotional intelligence. Through no fault of their own, this "man up" internal dialogue has unprepared him emotionally to show up energetically to their divine feminine.

Women have become so empowered in their independence & masculinity she invokes firm boundaries and only accept a masculine who is aligned with her highest good. Life's turbulent ebbs and flows have toughened the soft feminine structure. If the right masculine divinity appears in his conscious glory, his masculine embodiment will soothe her femininity. 

The feminine goddess has very powerful intuition & her acute senses detect a genuine partner showing up in his purest form. The divine feminine is encoded to be claimed by a conscious masculine warrior. His masculine essence & secretion of pheromones sets her Shakti on fire. This seductive dance of polarity awakens his desire to serve & be present for his divine feminine.

She awaits his necessary conscious work into presence. 
An initiated lover fuels the creative genius in men. She is compelled to respond to her beloved counterpart because he energetically signals the divine feminine essence. She feels this innately, intuitively & throughout her Chakras, respectively.

It is the erotic frequency that compels this magnetism. In the etymology of the word "eros", we see its connection to parental love and the love of a ruler and his subjects. This gets interesting as we look at the connection of all this in the masculine mind.

A man with enmeshment or abandonment wounds with his mom experiences a distorted relationship with his own needs and his eros because his consciousness is responding from a place of loss of his Mother's energy. He does not experience his own needs and erotic impulses cleanly; he experiences them through either the abandoned or enmeshed space connected to Mother.

In the centre of your mind, there are two thrones. One that houses the feminine aspect of you and one that houses the masculine aspect of you. We see this reflected in our brain's physicality. It has two sides that we identify as feminine and masculine, right and left-brained. Men are left-brain thinkers & women tend to alternate between both, respectively.

As we enter adulthood, we are initiated into moving away from mortal people to fulfil the space on the thrones, and we allow Mother and Father to occupy the thrones. In essence, they are templating us with a more adult relationship to eros, which now includes sexuality, until we are ready for our own feminine and masculine consciousness to be seated there. This is where our consciousness is elevated into Queen and King.

But so often, this is not the story. Most of our parents' woundedness did not allow our proper templating to take place. So many men are conditioned by their parents to have distorted relationships with the power of their thrones. And they can't see that decisions made for their life are run through their consciousness with a missing Queen. Enmeshed men have their own mothers sitting on the masculine throne while the feminine throne is empty. Abandoned men have no one sitting on the feminine throne, and who or what is sitting on his masculine throne depends on his life story.

Because he believes he cannot have "her", he does not ever have her, and the compulsion goes on. The search for her continues, even when she's in his peripheral. The loss of Mother has him believing that he is not worthy of her or his own eros because children interpret emotional turbulence and distortion as a message about their worth and value. A child's cognition is not yet developed enough to understand anything else.

Men need the Mother. They need a deep and developed relationship to her so that their own Queen's throne can be occupied by the initiated aspect of their own consciousness that reflects her because it was templated by her. This is sometimes called the "lover initiation". 
It is attained when a man moves his experience of receiving feminine sustenance and nurturing, and grace to the feminine aspect of the divine, known as the Holy Mother.

It is a profound initiation that then sparks his spiritual quest. His relationship with her brings him that which is holy and erotic simultaneously. Grasping this connection is indisputable. 
This is the polarization of divine masculine & feminine energies in a union. 

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