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A New Perspective

Looking at your journey from a multidimensional perspective can be life-changing. You say goodbye to many unhelpful beliefs and rulebooks that only kept you in a loop.

Multidimensionality helps you break these barriers and show you how to access your higher consciousness. With our multidimensional journeys, we create a unique experience for you to find your own flow.

Let us show you the key insights and processes to help you achieve the connection where your soul truly feels at home, empowered and supported.
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Video Class and Live Streaming

Multidimensional Journeys

Group Coaching

Community Space

Our community plan aims to create a safe space for you to explore and experience yourself as a multidimensional being.
Wisdom of multidimensionality is about embracing yourself and leading your life in alignment with your purpose and authentic nature.
We help you awaken this long-forgotten aspect of your being and use the wisdom of multidimensionality when guiding your journey.
Once you reactivate this potential you experience the deep connection with yourself and live your life in alignment with who you are. Your higher self connection becomes a part of your nature, and you find the courage and confidence to create a lifestyle that nurtures your soul.

You are a multidimensional being, and we welcome you to our community with your higher selves, all together.

By the way; one subscription is enough for you and your folks! :)

If the Multidimensional Way works for you, we can guide you to our Mastery Training program, where you can work on your higher purpose and take your journey to more advanced levels with guidance of the Ascended Masters.

This membership is the best starting point for bringing the wisdom of multidimensionality.

As a community we are holding space for a Multidimensional New Earth. It is our School's mission to be part of the creation of the new consciousness.

In our community events, we will also show you how we do this collective work. We always need an extra hand and a heart!
You can join our community on a monthly or annual subscription.

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Here is what you receive with this subscription plan

Monthly Video Lessons

In our monthly lessons, we share the insights around the theme of the month.

Multidimensional Journeys

Our multidimensional journeys are designed for you to receive the healing and empowering energies around the chosen theme. 

Membership Resources

When you sign up you get instant access to our recorded membership resources. Fresh content will be added as needed.

Group Coaching

We hold monthly group coaching calls to answer your questions and also reflect on the experiences within a community environment.


Both on our course platform and social media community, you will have access to other members to share, reflect and network.


When you sign up for the annual plan, you get 2 months free. We will also announce discounts and offers for some of our live programs for the members.

How can this membership help you?

Here is a list to give you some ideas!
  • Our education system recognises you as a multidimensional being. We don't try to put you into a linear system.
  • We focus on authenticity and wholeness of the being. We help you explore your ways, your path through experience.
  • With our wayshowers, we create a high vibrational, loving and compassionate space for you to be supported and receive Source messages to guide your life.
  • We help you align with your higher purpose. Experiencing life with deep connection and alignment unlocks your joy, happiness, abundance and more.
  • Multidimensional Way can help you achieve deep connection and communication with higher selves and guides.
  • You can incorporate our teachings and methods into your other spiritual practices. We are secular, all-faiths and all-saints School. 
  • Our training is built on the universal concepts such as truth, love, compassion. No rule book. We help you help yourself, and prepare you to guide your journey.
  • This membership can also prepare you to our Mastery training if you choose to take a more advanced training.

Creating the Shift

You may have already tried many systems and techniques to create the Shift you are looking for in your life.

Many people work on activating their light bodies, chakras and latent DNAs. When it comes to bringing all the tools together and guiding the path, these activations don't do the work themselves. You notice that the context is missing.

In our system, we bring the context and the perspective. With our multidimensional journeys and lessons we help you open your heart and journey into higher consciousness. We help you learn by experience with multidimensional awareness.

We want you to find your flow state and learn how to welcome more ease and grace. This opens the doors to more love, light, healing, blessings, abundance, wisdom.
This membership plan can change your whole outlook on spirituality. When you start spotting the unhelpful beliefs on spiritual growth and aligning with your highest plan, the journey becomes a natural flow. 
You learn to bring your Heaven and Earth together in one multidimensional presence. This helps you build your spiritual persona. What is already there comes alive.

Multidimensional Journeys

Embracing our multidimensionality is key to aligning with the New Earth consciousness, unfolding with higher and organic timelines. With each journey we implement, we heal, transform and align with our purpose on Earth. 

A Safe Space to Be

 We hold safe space for you to bring out your authentic abilities and explore your unique ways. 

from the Founder

We cannot talk about the "Multidimensional Way" without honouring the wayshowers behind the system I have developed. The inspiration and guidance for introducing "the Multidimensional Way" first came with my eBook "Multidimensional Consciousness and the New Earth". I wouldn't have imagined the blessings it would bring to my life. My multidimensional abilities developed as I gained "let's do some work" attitude. In the multidimensional way, we don't see you as the messenger. We believe that you are the message. I will be honoured to hold space for you to expand and be who you are freely. The School reminds us, there's nothing else to be.
Nusra Sahin
Founder, Teacher,  & Author

Art of Multidimensionality
with the MasterMinds

Let's honour these teachers and learn about them.
Quan Yin, known as Compassion Buddha and Goddess of Mercy is one of the way-showers of the Multidimensional WayShe brings the teachings of multidimensionality, mastery, nothingness and creative consciousness. She guides us on the shift of consciousness on personal and collective levels. She brings the Tao field and Sophia field with her presence.
Mary Magdalene, also known as Lady Nada, has been another way-shower of
the Multidimensional Way. She guides us in activating our heart's true potential. She brings the wisdom of love, alchemy, mastery, leadership, higher purpose and intimacy with the self and the divine. She brings her special field to activate our multidimensionality and heart gates.
Master Jesus, also known as Lord Sananda, has guided our Mastery training content. He brings the teachings of Sacred Heart, Divine Love and Truth. He guides us towards exploring our true essence and inner wisdom as divine beings. He also helps us align with the vibration of truth. In our more advanced courses, he holds a loving space for us to activate higher abilities.

Join our Multidimensional Community

When you sign up you gain access to the membership resources and see the scheduled webinars and coaching sessions in your learners area. Our live sessions will be available as replays. You can always catch up later and go back to them throughout your membership.
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