Lesson series

Foundation Course: Activate Your Multidimensional Intelligence

Learn the fundamental concepts of multidimensional consciousness and how to set up a multidimensional journey. This foundation course is the perfect introduction to multidimensional consciousness studies. You will be guided step by step towards establishing a precise alignment with your soul's lineage. You will learn how to access your gifts, wisdom and intelligence that is available to you in your multidimensional presence and how to bring this into your daily life. 

In this course we are looking at each element closely and building a full multidimensional journey to experience the activation

Video Classes

Classes start with a connection time, and includes practical elements to help youlearn by experiencing the essence and the energy at the same time.

Multidimensional Journeys

We look at the each element to create your precise alignment and guide you to activate your multidimensional intelligence.

1:1 Mentoring

Each participant can book a 1:1 mentoring session with the teacher for individualised support, coaching and reflections. 1:1 sessions £250, but for the participants of the course, this is free.


1 Certificate to celebrate your achievement.
Lesson series

Foundation Course: Activate Your Multidimensional Intelligence

Learn the fundamental concepts of multidimensional consciousness and how to set up a multidimensional journey.
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This course can change your whole outlook on the spiritual journey. How?
The School as a system opens up the "multidimensional consciousness field" and brings the loving, compassionate and empowering energies of the "Garden of Authenticity".
This is our School garden to play, learn, grow, heal, transform, and to be who we authentically are: Multidimensional beings, divine beings embodying their wholeness.
The field brings the loving, compassionate and empowering vibes from the Divine Mother spirit. It is indeed a home-coming and reconnecting with our true potential as the "creators" of our realities.
"Precise alignment" is so important for us. From our human perception to our source-self, it is a straight line and a dot. Multidimensional presence is your togetherness and oneness within and without. As we activate the potential of our multidimensional minds we explore a new intelligence connecting us to what we eternally know."

What you get

Here is an overview of what you get.

Video Lessons

Over eight video lessons, you will find clear and practical information to learn about the building blocks of multidimensional consciousness system. Your instructor opens a field of transformation during these lessons. Watch them at your own pace with lifetime access to the course materials.

Practical Elements

During three multidimensional practice sessions, you will build up towards a full multidimensional journey. Your facilitator will help you reach the right alignment, awaken your multidimensional nature and activate the intelligence that is a part of your inner guidance system.

Community & Email Support

You will be able to communicate with your instructor using the messaging and email options. There is a community space for all the learners to exchange ideas and share insights. Make the best of it. Engage, create conversations, share your reflections. Vibe high!

1:1 Mentoring

After you complete the training, you can book 1:1 session with the teach to share your insights, experiences and ask questions. Everyone's journey is different. In 1:1 session you will receive individualised help and attention.

Recorded Group Sessions

We have led 2 group coaching and practice sessions previously with students. You will be able to find these recordings as they stay to be relevant. You can improve what you learn in the course. Practice makes it perfect and you feel the community spirit!

Bonus: Multidimensional Journey to Lemuria

Multidimensional Journey to Lemuria event has been one of the most powerful and fun events we have organised to date. You will connect with Lemurian Mother Earth and receive the energy and consciousness codes. A perfect example for our school trips.
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