17-21 April 2023

20:00 UK time, each session is 90 minutes.
From Monday to Friday.

Replays available & Lifetime access.

 Day 1- Clear & Heal

 Day 2 - Align & Flow

 Day 3 - Connect

 Day 4 - Communicate

 Day 5 - Your Soul's Mission

Your True North

Are you feeling called to something greater in your life?

Do you have a sense that there is a deeper purpose or mission waiting for you to fulfil?

If so, you're not alone.

Our higher purpose is our true north. It keeps us in alignment with who we are, leads us to our true potential and divine blueprint.

Our "5-Day Higher Purpose Bootcamp" will be an excellent opportunity to learn techniques and tools for healing, communication and experience a breakthrough in your alignment.

On our final day we will go deeper into our soul's mission and learn about the concept of divine roles with higher teachers.

This is a call, and time is now!

Join us!
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5 x 90 minute
Live Sessions (with Replays)

Healing and Empowering Energies

Group Coaching and Mentoring

Community Space



On Day 1, we focus on the healing points, wounds, and limiting beliefs that prevent us from exploring our higher purpose. We will implement an energy-clearing session and learn creative healing techniques to remove the barriers to aligning with our soul's mission.

By clearing the roadblocks, we open our hearts to deeper connection and love where our soul feels home.


Aligning with our higher purpose is saying "Yes!" to our true destiny.
Alignment sets the direction.

We might feel a lack of clarity and direction in our spiritual journey and outer reality from time to time.

We will set the direction from within and align our outer reality.

On Day 2, we hold a beautiful sacred ritual with higher teachers to receive guidance and empowering blessings for finding our blissful flow.


Creating a sensual and energetic encounter with our higher purpose brings it into awareness space. We understand what it feels like and we open our heart and mind to explore it further. 

Your purpose is like a rope connecting you to your infinite side.

We will create this first connection with meditative journeys.

Through feelings, sensations, visualisation, words and images we will start a magical trail.


Communication can be in many forms. We are designed differently.

Listening to our intuition, receiving messages from the Source, our higher self and guides, and our dreams can be methods of communication.

What about your self-expression?

We are going to dedicate Day 4 to communication.

You will learn simple techniques and tools to bring the helpful messages to the surface from within.


Following our higher purpose prepares us for our divine roles.

We feel the connection with our divine essence and embody it as we evolve. 

What if this evolving being has a unique role, authority and power to channel on behalf of the divine?

Final class will be dedicated to understand the divine roles and how it is relevant to our soul's mission.

This session will be a class and a sacred ritual in the presence of Higher Teachers.

We will open the field and be present to learn and receive their important messages with much gratitude.

Are you ready to embrace your higher purpose?

What to expect?

Here is a summary on what to expect from this 5-Day Higher Purpose Bootcamp.
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If you wish to download the Meditation Guide mentioned here, follow the link below.

Create a life that is harmonious, peaceful, abundant and nurturing. Aligning with your higher purpose can help you feel deep self-love and lead you to your divine blueprint.

Who is this Bootcamp for?

Here is a list to give you some ideas! If this is you, this training is for you.
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  • You feel that it is time to step into your power and create a lifestyle around your soul's mission.

  • You wish to align with your divine blueprint and bring your gifts out into the world, so you can live in tune with your true potential.

  • You have been hearing the call from your soul for being at service to life, but you wish to gain more insights and clarity on your direction.

  • You wish to develop your intuition, communication skills and create space for your soul's mission.

  • You try to push through invisible barriers but you feel there is more to heal and awaken within you.

  • You wish to learn intuitive and creative ways and techniques  to heal, awaken that you can utilise on a daily basis for your conscious evolution.

  • You are looking for direction in your spiritual path and would like to prepare for your divine role.

From the Instructor: On Higher Purpose & the Multidimensional Way

"Hold on to your purpose, and don't let it go. It is your connection with your path." 

We use the "Multidimensional Way" system I was blessed to develop with direct guidance and experience with the spiritual masters of higher realms. In our School, we aim to help humanity embrace their potential as multidimensional beings, aligning with their higher purpose and potential as human masters.

My spiritual journey deepened as I aligned with my higher purpose and learned about divine roles.

My commitment to bringing my gifts into the world was crucial for my evolution. It helped me evolve, learn, dig deeper, heal, review, align, create, embody and more. It helped me uncover my soul's story and true potential.

My higher purpose was definitely my true north and it still keeps guiding me.

We doubt ourselves and fear our power.

We activate our gifts but don't know how to use it toward our higher purpose.

We focus on the outer reality too much that we forget to explore our divine plan.

That happens and it is part of the journey.

We are developing the muscle of going back to our alignment and remembering our truth once again.

In this Bootcamp, you will learn to step into the unknown and act from your inner power and truth with tools and techniques from the Multidimensional Way system.

We will explore the fundamentals and learn more advanced concepts such as "divine roles".

I will be honoured to hold space for you to explore your higher purpose and prepare for your divine role.
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Nusra Sahin
Founder, Teacher,  & Author

Respond to your higher calling.

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