Understanding Soul's Purpose: Why Alignment Matters

Jun 2
At the core of our existence lies a profound and timeless quest: discovering our soul's purpose. This journey goes beyond mere direction-seeking; it's about gaining a deep understanding of and embracing our true essence at the most profound levels of consciousness.

I had to learn and be repeatedly reminded that it is not a one-time attunement or discovery but a way of being and living. If you feel like you are missing out on something while figuring things out in life, do not worry. We have many misconceptions about the soul's purpose. The answer is not one, and the purpose is not a singular thing nor an external achievement. It is a journey that keeps calling us to our centre and reminding us to be, do, feel, connect and be more intimate with ourselves. 

With many layers, manifestations and forms, purpose keeps calling us home with new findings, explorations and awareness points about ourselves. 

Soul Purpose is one of the central subjects in our multidimensional evolution and mastery teachings. It is like a keystone around which our self-awareness revolves, like the heart of the path, a magnetic core that draws us to our higher dimensional wisdom and training. 

When we view purpose as a shared awareness point with our higher selves, purpose becomes our school and playground where we unlock mysterious quests filled with revelations, creativity, communication and higher abilities.

The wisdom we require on this path unfolds with energy transmissions, which we often call downloads, or with meditative inquiries into our role as divine beings in human form. Still, it is everywhere in our reality, from our workplaces to our relationships, the news we read, and our social interactions. In our mundane existence, we find clues to our inner reflections. Nothing is a coincidence, and everything has a purpose.

There is divine cyclicity in our relationship with our purpose: Are we realising our soul's purpose? Or is our soul purpose realising us? 

This cyclic nature reminds us of our oneness with all there is.

Here, I list vital points to know what purpose alignment matters.

8 Benefits of Soul Purpose Alignment:

1. Effortless Manifestation:
Achieving true alignment with our soul's purpose across consciousness, soul, and energy levels is vital for our dreams to manifest smoothly in physical reality.

2. Evolution and Realignment:
As we and the energies around us evolve, the mission of the New Earth takes on new forms. Recentring in our pursuits and realigning with our soul's mission is a critical practice. This journey of understanding and attunement takes time but is essential for personal growth. By staying in attunement, we open our hearts to the calls regarding our mission on Earth.

3. Self-Realisation and Abilities:
Our true purpose lies in self-realisation and self-knowing, manifesting through various methods and projects that lead to new revelations. Each step allows us to piece together a puzzle, revealing deeper aspects of our true selves. Each step allows us to unlock new abilities, which can catalyse our inner alchemy and outer transformation.

4. Empowering and Guiding Others:
Feeling in tune with our purpose empowers us to share our knowledge. Whether as coaches, guides, writers, content creators, or consultants, we can help others illuminate their paths more brightly. When we feel aligned and grounded in our purpose and natural flow, we are eager to help and share the bliss with others.

5. Inner Alchemy and Outer Transformation:
Aligning with our soul's purpose is an ongoing, alchemical and transformative journey. Each step reveals more about ourselves and helps us surpass previous learning points. We embody love and light at each step and upgrade our spiritual and energetic ecosystem. Purpose keeps guiding us like a compassionate way-shower with its compass attuned to our North Star.

6. Purpose & Wellbeing:
It's crucial to centre and realign ourselves. Sometimes, our struggle isn't with our project but with the need for self-care. The universe might remind us that our purpose is the core of our wellbeing.

7. Flow of Wisdom and Guidance:
A clear purpose is essential for gaining advanced spiritual wisdom. We receive more wisdom when we share and express what we learn with others, whether with friends and family, at work, or in our spiritual pursuits.

8. Tao of Success and Abundance:
Once we are firmly grounded in purposeful living, we feel the power of flow, the ease of giving and receiving, and the accessibility of guidance and intuitive messages. We drop resistance and expectations and welcome life as it comes. This flow state enhances our ability to give and receive and may lead to more authentic living, true success, and abundance.
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