Gaia & Cosmic Alignment - Energy Update


The energies indicate that a new cosmic and collective alignment is taking place and will be felt gradually.

A loving energetic flow that started several days ago is settling in, bringing more clarity to our roles. This timeline will allow us to feel our cosmic presence and missions as multidimensional humans.

Gaia received further aligning energies and distributed them to us to find our sovereignty and connectedness. We will stay in the loop for new messages by connecting to our personal source channels from within.

Gaia tells us to keep facing our darkness as it is the only way towards our truth. 
We are empowered and assisted and will be guided from within.
With this new alignment, multidimensional ones, here and in other realms, have been sent guidance and messages on their roles.

Lovers, peacekeepers, guardians, protectors, transmuters, masters, communicators, healers, creators, designers, visionaries, wisdom keepers, warriors, guides, way-showers and many others, whichever is playing out for us at this time, in our soul evolution... We are invited to connect with our missions and receive the messages... The journey towards clarity on our missions awakens what we need to know and activate.

We might experience some growing pains and a rebirth, but it will be worth it.


Gaia and Cosmic Mother lift the frequency and vibration to a higher level because we are ready to grow and align with more precision. Equally, it means our collective and cosmic consciousness is rising with us. What happens on Earth shifts the Cosmos; what happens within you happens in the universe, and vice versa.

We receive through giving; we give through receiving.

The guidance regarding our roles and abilities will be revealed through inner communication. To hear them and have clarity about our paths, we will walk through our uncertainties, doubts, hesitations, fears and self-love issues.

A new timeline opens up. We enter with an open heart, mind, gratitude, and humility.

It is divinely magical; it's the mother's art, a pure creation that has been freshly birthed.

A simple intention setting/affirmation to align with our new cosmic & collective reality:

“I am ready for my higher path.”

Quan Yin stepped in and guided me to add:
"Know that it is perfectly done."

We add with gratitude. 🙏

We are one.
We are guided.
We are light.
We are love.
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