Oct 11 / Nusra Sahin

Cultivating Inner Peace for a Harmonious World

In the quest for peace on Earth, we must begin within ourselves. The true peace comes from within, and it's within our power to anchor it on our beloved planet, regardless of external circumstances.

Approximately three years ago, by the tranquil seaside of my hometown, I found myself enveloped in the profound energy of Amitabha Buddha. His teachings stirred within me a contemplation of how he envisions Earth as a realm of boundless wisdom, radiant light, and eternal peace.

I felt a peaceful relaxation within me and was able to comprehend the deeper meaning of this. With his energetic presence, he showed me how we can hold this peaceful vision as part of our being, like a peaceful core, a world inside us, a heavenly garden within us.

A call to collective peace action

As the vibrational frequency of Earth rises, and we celebrate the resurgence of truth and illumination, the external world will bring to the surface lingering traumas. These may include conflict, distorted teachings, oppression, injustice, division, and animosity within our societies.

What resides within us reflects in the world outside, even when the connection isn't immediately apparent. The collective reality is a collective projection, a mirror of our inner reality.

Let us send forth a call for peace and harmony. Our journey begins by creating a sacred space for it within our own beings. Let us hold this vision alongside those who have held it before us.

In these times, it's vital to exercise discernment. Do not readily accept all that you read or hear. Instead, question and probe deeper to become part of the solution.

Here are some magic questions to open your meditations to cultivating more peace.

 "How can I bring more peace into my life and the external world?"
"How can I disengage from the narrative that fosters fear and animosity, drawing millions in lower-dimensional paradigms and timelines?"
"How can I harness my innate divinity to heal and spread peace within and without?"

Join the New Earth movement

The era calls for an awakening, a shift toward a greater number of individuals embracing the consciousness of the New Earth and grounding it firmly.
In doing so, the very fabric of "time" is graced with higher light, unwavering truth, and boundless love. Within this new paradigm, we will let certain aspects go, but it shall not be our humanity.

We keep walking.

May all of us align with the divine will, and may the lightworkers find themselves forever blessed, shielded, and empowered.
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