Our Mastery Training & the Multidimensional Way

One of the Magic Questions we ask in our Mastery Training is, "What do you bring to Mother Earth with your presence?"

We don't appreciate our uniqueness enough. We focus on how to silence or control our minds to break free from our ego.

Then what is ego? Is it not the part of you who suffered the most? Aww... We try to heal ourselves by pointing out the wounded aspects of ourselves. Be gentle, and build a better relationship with yourself.

Separation starts with our attitude towards ourselves. If you are on the journey towards union sincerely, you want to include all parts of yourself.

After 3 years of working and training with the Ascended Masters and creating content with guidance and divine permissions to bring our Mastery Training, I have never needed to use the word "ego" in any of the texts. I didn't avoid it. It just didn't come up.
In our training, we don't have specific healing practices. In your multidimensional presence, you reach expanded awareness. You heal and learn by experience.

In your light, you heal.

In multidimensional way studies, we welcome you in your soul and higher self presence. The whole system and teachings have been designed from an integral perspective. All-inclusive.

In your wholeness and connection, the parts of you that need healing will find the love, compassion and empowerment they need. What others call ego is the healing and awareness points. By working with those points, you explore and grow.

So, your "ego" is actually the part that is guiding you. To see this you need to train your perception and build your relationship with yourself with the right dynamics.

If you are still judging yourself, "This is ego, but this one is good." you are creating division and separation. This means you are not yet on your authentic path and you are not ready.

To prepare for the journey, accept yourself, and stop trying to make something better out of yourself. Who taught you this?

Go to nature, watch the stars, and find the people with whom you feel accepted open-heartedly, as you are.

Find the song within you and sing until you cry rivers. Then you start your authentic path, ready to welcome yourself with all your gifts, uniqueness, ways and inner wisdom as well as your wounds and messiness of being.
Trust me, the biggest challenges you encounter will give you the biggest treasures.

The journey to oneness is not a journey you mould yourself into a model. Are you trying to become like Jesus, like Buddhas, like Einstein? They didn't try to be like someone else. They sang the song within themselves, and we still listen to the vibrations they sent ages ago.

Be yourself and write your name with your energy field in the heart of the Tao. Send your light to the universe, and say this is "me" with all the shame, fear, anxiety, and greed in your heart. No hiding. That starts healing.

Accepting yourself without games, tricks, ideologies, labels, and pretences will bring sincerity to your heart. With acceptance, you find the true alignment to your path, purpose, and gifts.

Then your authentic path opens.

Our Mission

School of Multidimensional Consciousness® is a Mastery School introducing the Multidimensional Way as a system and path for mastery and union.

The School's mission is to hold space and do collective work to create the New Consciousness where people embrace their multidimensionality as their authentic nature and manifest a Multidimensional Earth.

If you are interested in our Mastery Training and the Multidimensional Way teachings, email us at hello@multidimensionalcollective.co.uk .

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