Multidimensional Consciousness Grid and New Earth

The Shift is beyond our comprehension. We are on a new ground—a paradigm, within and without. Our separation from nature and the entirety of the cosmos is ending. A convergence, reintegration and realignment are taking place in our inner realms, outer reality and beyond the world before our eyes.
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Mother Earth's consciousness grid is very much earthed into denser layers. If I were to name it, I would say this is a 4D connection. Her new template has become visible, and sensible for many more people and a wider awakening is becoming possible. Some of us are very much in alignment with the higher frequency and vibrational layers and these people are holding space creating a pyramid-like support network. The view is similar to a mountain that you climb around on a spiralling path.

When we look at Mother Earth as a conscious and sentient being, we understand she is on a journey to her original divine blueprint, similar to ours. This phase is the time she is absorbing what she has received deeper into her dense layers. We are like cells in her body, vibrating at different speeds and representing myriad of healing and learning points.

My work for Mother Earth was to help her revive and redesign her template and bring her ancient-new consciousness grid down like a transmission.
We are seeing this transmission in a very slow motion with billions of beings and systems adapting and integrating. What happened in one moment in timeless awareness is unfolding slowly and taking life. This is the grid that is descending deeper, now.

It was a process of love, war, tranquillity, regeneration, creation, death, rebirth, pain, compassion, and more for this ancient soul. She is reclaiming her divine blueprint. What is her divine blueprint like?

I haven't shared this in public before, but I observed it as a soul very similar to a Female Christ soul, and I would say it is close to Mary Magdalene, but closer to Quan Yin. I explain their relationship as "twin souls" to make it relatable to human-mind.

Awakening of divine feminine wisdom was a part of the process, so we could create the yin and yang balance to achieve the right environment for creation to take place. In her original template she experiences her mother nature in a healthier way.

Mother Earth's soul has evolved and recreated, redesigned, and revived her missing grids and pieces. She made what was beyond impossible possible by rebirthing herself and rising from her ashes. She imprinted this for us in her grids and elements.

To illustrate her current multi-layered paradigm/grid, it is like a spiralling journey to her mountain top. As we align with her 7D template, we are at the same wavelength of her cosmic mind. We can sit there with her and keep company, in stillness, feeling universal love and emotions.

We can definitely tune into these states and connect with her soul anytime we wish. Each time we integrate what is relevant and available for us.

This time round, Mother Earth had to make a giant leap without waiting for us. But she laid the path with gates and bridges and signposts. Like a path of initiation, a spiralling journey, following the footsteps of the Mother. 

By just keep aligning with her soul and consciousness, we can gain the maturity to be a part of her pristine mind and soul space. That's the greatest gift humanity can be given.

On the journey, we learn self-love, compassion, gratitude, humility, kindness... We learn to feel each other's pain and extend a hand to give. We learn to empower others so they believe in themselves and they keep going.

One thing was very much emphasised on my journey of being one of her helpers: 
She wants us to learn to give from the heart. It is not an easy thing for us, especially when we need support too. 
However, we learn to receive from the Source, generate love and support ourselves and others as we understand the Divine Consciousness has our backs. This is one of the secret passcodes of the system she built. The paradigm is self-sustainable, and all sustain it by receiving, creating, generating, sharing and giving.
Chasing power, material resources, attention, and fame corrupted us. This is why we are where we are in our collective morality. 
We need to heal, evolve and reverse the degradation in our DNAs, souls, and mindsets and finally understand that universal life is like inhaling and exhaling. Life is like a pulsating heart, dance and balance. No separation. Unity.

A constant flow, and infinite possibilities of being.
Much love
Nusra Sahin


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