What is Multidimensional Intelligence?

Nusra Sahin
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We are experiencing the Great Awakening collectively now. As our senses awaken to new heights, we will become more aware that we are multidimensional beings. Our societies and systems don't encourage us to connect with our higher dimensional consciousness. It is learned despair. Throughout history, we were punished for doing it! We don't define it as intelligence that will help a child, an adult, in their journey in life. We marginalised it. 
While writing my book "Multidimensional Consciousness And The New Earth" I had a vision. In that vision people were embracing their multidimensionality and manifesting a New Earth in that state of being. A multidimensional planet is our collective future, and it is happening.

In the School of Multidimensional Consciousness®, I designed the education system acknowledging you as a multidimensional being. In our Foundation Course, we focus on helping you activate and utilise your multidimensional intelligence. Our approach enables people to have a safe journey into their higher dimensional awareness and learn in that state of being. I explain the fundamental concepts and open up a space for the students to learn by experience. We align, set intentions and activate our multidimensional nature. I build the foundation for a full practice with video lessons and exercises and take you on a multidimensional journey with me.

In the field, we sit silent, but I narrate the words flashing for us in that silence. You receive the insights and activations that are meant for you to activate your multidimensional intelligence.

The course consists of Video Lessons and Practice Sessions. With the added bonus sessions and 1:1 mentoring, you receive around 20 hs of training to prepare you to tap into your multidimensional awareness and bring it to your daily life as an intelligence. Our aim is to help you create a daily life and spiritual practice utilising your inner wisdom. Your spiritual genius should be freed and shine in all areas of your life, without any separation.

I brought this project to life because I know I am not alone. We are collectively awakening to our authentic abilities day by day! It is time for us to master it as intelligence. If you wish to progress on the journey, our video sessions will inform you about the next step towards aligning with your Mastery path.

To explore the concept further you can enrol on our Free Resources course.

Have a happy journey, fellow beings!
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