Nusra Sahin

Collective Healing and New Earth Consciousness Activations with Quan Yin and Divine Mother

White Tara collective healing and activations have been completed with our collective work practitioners in the presence of the Goddess of Compassion, Quan Yin and the Divine Mother Spirit she represented, as guided.

Compassion, universal love and purifying energies were channelled to humanity.

We lifted the Dome, representing the expansion of New Earth reality and collective consciousness. We channelled the activations to those who are meant to receive, as intended. New timelines have been created and opened up for us to step into.

Mama asks us to align with the highest timelines that will serve us and hold space for others with compassion, love and joy.
We are gathering under this beautiful dome, holding our new timeline stable and expanding it. Many people joined on the soul level; many lightworkers, teachers of higher realms and beings of light as Mama's helpers. They brought their love and light.

Each timeline that we created and opened before, and this one comes with collective healing and activations. However, this one was different, as we connected all the timelines and brought them to unity.
It reminds me of the "Babylon Tower" myth, and I see this as a correction in the collective perception.

Perhaps I share more on this how and what later. With this post, my intention is to invite everyone to connect with the Divine Mother spirit and receive. Take the time to feel, receive and express deep gratitude.
Those who are closer in frequency to this new timeline and have the first duties will feel the activations first. We will continue to align each other and shine our light. This is how we activate one another. We all received plenty with so much compassion.

Message from the Mother

"On this timeline, stand tall, and hold space for this beautiful dome. This is the garden that will nurture the New Earth vision for hundreds of years to come. This is an important stage in the journey towards unity in love and light. A lot of lessons and new levels of awakening will be possible here. The flames of White Tara will purify your heart and mind, open you to universal love and empower you. From here, it expands. Be committed to assisting and evolving as sisters and brothers. This is the only way to enter into what we have created. Hold it dear, align and embody. Share it with one another. All align."

I have channelled the frequency and vibration, and intention into this post. 
Set an intention to receive and connect with Divine Mother or Quan Yin (Avalokitesvera) to receive more. Remember to be committed to assisting and evolving; this is the only way to enter into what has been created. 
May it bring blessings to all humanity.

Our New Earth Community:
Multidimensional Soul Club

Looking at your journey from a multidimensional perspective can be life-changing. You say goodbye to many unhelpful beliefs and rulebooks that only kept you in a loop.

Multidimensionality helps you break these barriers and show you how to access your higher consciousness. instead of learning to channel or receive the messages from a higher mind, we teach you how to access your multidimensional mind.

In our members community, we hold live classes and events to help you evolve with the insights and practices of the Multidimensional Way.
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