Multidimensional Journey Explained

I love sharing big little stories from my journey if I see it can inspire others on their journeys. The story I will share in this blog post is about how I freed myself to enjoy my multidimensional journeys with assurance from Quan Yin.
Thanks to writing and dancing in meditative states, I was open to registering higher dimensions and going into a conversational exchange with the Source, feeling the energies. I have encountered skilled and committed teachers on my path and benefited from their support and assistance in embracing these gifts as skills. 

In one of the spiritual communication sessions we held with the guidance of a beloved teacher from my Tao studies, I was guided to connect with Compassion Buddha Quan Yin. We were not very close with her before that. 
I used to feel sorry that she wowed to save humanity from the chains of reincarnation. I wanted her not to worry about us and liberate herself from her wow. Now I can see better how her soul was inherently connected with Gaia, and her soul carried the unique design to overcome certain bits in the paradigm shift. Rationalising these issues doesn't give us an accurate picture. 

In that session, the teacher guided us to ask our questions to Quan Yin. I followed the instructions and started to pour my struggles around "grounding". 

I said, "Some coaches and teachers tell me that I should stay grounded and don't jump into higher dimensional states, and it is not very safe. My mind jumps into the higher realms, and my soul enjoys the conversations. I learn and transform and find so much joy in those experiences. I understand their concern, but forcing myself feels like squeezing into a box. It is giving me discomfort; it is not natural. How can I find that grounding and keep safe?"

She was very cool and encouraging about it:
"Ground where your mind (awareness) is present. Be yourself." Energetically she embraced me with her field, and I am sure she delivered what I needed to know in that encounter.

Oh, my world and holly daffoldils!

She said yes! With a sincere and vulnerable heart I felt that, this mama made me feel honoured and accepted as I am. I am glad I didn't convince her somehow to leave us behind. ;)

Several months later, we teamed up with her; to rant about multidimensionality and clarify the processes for multidimensional journeys. The guidance was to keep elevating, tapping into our higher dimensional potential and claiming a New Earth where we embrace ourselves as multidimensional beings, masters and creators in human presence.

As a human collective, we are embracing our multidimensionality and becoming the pillar of light bridging heaven and Earth. I thought, oh, this is the soul design of our way showers. As Lemurian beings, they carried the wisdom of multidimensionality and the essence that would awaken within us.

We are opening to our multidimensional presence and bringing our higher dimensional aspects to our daily lives. We are integrating ourselves and becoming timeless, multidimensional beings.

Multidimensional Journeys can help us find that natural flow. As we journey, we remove the barriers in our hearts and minds. The multidimensional mind, therefore, can reach the knowledge it seeks. As we practise, we can "ground where our mind is present and be ourselves." as divine beings. Instead of waiting to turn into an enlightened being one day, we are connecting with our enlightened aspects and absorbing the energies that activate us. That nurtures the master within us.

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While we implement some intermediate and advanced webinars following the guidance, we will also hold entry-level free sessions for those who wish to learn about multidimensional journeys. Even if you are practising with us for a while, you can still show up and polish what you have gathered from our events so far.

Experiencing new journeys can help us align with and embody our true path.

See our new page dedicated to give an overview on the benefits of Multidimensional Journey processes.

The new paradigm unfolds with us!
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