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About the School of Multidimensional Consciousness®

First, welcome and thank you for visiting the School of Multidimensional Consciousness®. I am very excited to create this space to learn, dream and evolve together. In this first blog post, I briefly share the School's background story, what it represents, and my purpose in bringing this project to you.

We aim to bring you the practices and insights to help you embrace yourself as a multidimensional being and align with the New Earths consciousness. In multidimensional presence we can tap into the intelligence and abilities available to us in our tree of life and find the possibility to connect with our higher dimensional potential.

The School is a school for remembering. In our webinars, events and courses we aim to bring the energy and consciousness field that will help us explore our inner wisdom and unique gifts. There is a power in acknowledging that human beings are multidimensional beings. When we connect with our inner guidance system with the right alignment, we find the possibility of exploring the self beyond time, space and dimensions. Instead of putting Nirvana or Enlightenment as a destination, we connect with our multidimensional nature and train with our higher selves journeying into the fields they help us connect. In our journeys to higher training fields we explore our layered beauty and wisdom, and the process of embodiment accelerates.

We offer courses, practices and community support to help you experience your inner abilities in a safe and guided way.

The story behind the school is an incredible spiritual journey for me, and I find the joy in sharing my insights and holding space for others' evolution. Our multidimensional journey sessions are a way for me to share this beauty with you. We help you activate yourself as a pillar of light, a gate to higher consciousness, a being rising in a vertical direction! There is a spiritual genius within you and a master waiting to be awakened.

This is what the school is for, to help you embody your multidimensional self, align with new Earth Consciousness and progress further on your journey towards becoming your true essence. As the instructor, my role is to give you the tools and empower you towards taking the direction of your journey into your hands.

Lastly, as a School and a community, we hold the vision of Earth as a Multidimensional Earth. As we come together and practise in our multidimensional presence, we do our bit to make the New Earth consciousness available to more people and support Gaia's journey.

Hold that vision with us and remember to broadcast your light. Your mastery is in that field. Shine your light unapologetically. 

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You can check out our multidimensional journey sessions, classes and Guides in our free resources area. 

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We organise free webinars, talks, and practice sessions to spread the inspiration. The focus of our courses is Multidimensionality, Soul's Purpose, Mastery and Embodying the Self.

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If you are familiar with our concepts and ready to dive in to align with your higher purpose and mastery training check out our 
"Mastery Training" for a more advanced study.

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